How do I find the date of manufacture of a Colt Python?

Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window In the 19th century, gun engraving was of paramount importance to Samuel Colt , not only as an art form, but also for its value in promoting his first arms-making venture, the Patent Arms Manufacturing Company in Paterson, New Jersey. Indeed, history had proven that to be true long before Colt received his first revolver patent in Colt used engraved guns much the same way, and to great advantage throughout his career, by presenting handsomely engraved pistols and revolving rifles to U. It is estimated that between and the year that Samuel Colt passed away at the age of 48 , he had presented more than 1, Colt handguns and long arms to foreign leaders, high-ranking U. He was also generous with the presentation of engraved guns to his senior employees and family. The Colt company continued that tradition to some extent long after Samuel Colt passed on. The company maintained one of the finest in-house gun engraving shops in the world headed by some of the greatest artisans of the 19th and 20th centuries, master craftsmen who turned mere steel weapons into timeless pieces of art.

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In the early part of the 20th century, many towns in Texas served as spring training sites for Major League teams long before those teams settled on Florida and Arizona. This part of the heritage of baseball in Texas apparently has been lost on many baseball fans in our great state. In fact, today, I doubt there is anyone under the age of 30 who knows that Texas served as spring training sites for Major League baseball at one time.

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Bryan December 5, , 9: Reply Link Carl Gulledge December 5, , 7: Very reliable and ass saving. Reply Link dave December 5, , 5: Seems a lot more due diligence needs to be undertaken. Reply Link Gammon December 5, , 3: Will a CCW permit be sufficient to purchase one of these s? Mike December 5, , 1: Reply Link Gary September 16, , The weapons were offered to police departments for departmental use only.

The weapons must be returned to the military when the police department decides the weapon is no longer needed by their department. Vasil December 5, , 1:

Colt Defender 9mm Sub-Compact 1911 Review

History of Hartford, Connecticut and Timeline of Hartford, Connecticut map of Hartford Various tribes lived in or around present-day Hartford, all part of the loose Algonquin confederation. Dutch fur traders from New Amsterdam returned in with a mission to establish a trading post and fortify the area for the Dutch West India Company. This fort was called Fort Hoop or the “House of Hope. It was home to perhaps a couple families and a few dozen soldiers.

Apr 01,  · Shooting and discussing a beautiful Series ’70 Colt reproduction. Please visit the Hickokcom website and check out what the great folks who support us have to offer: BUD’s GUN.

Enter Serial Number to search the database. This is not a comprehensive database. If your firearm serial number is not listed, please contact Customer Service at 1- 8. Information provided here is approximate, if you wish to support your investment with the purchase of a complete history and Letter of Authenticity for your firearm, please contact Colt’s Archive Department.

The Sight’s History of the History of the M Pistol.

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Parts availability Goofy mag release So lets talk about some of those pros and cons. If you want to replace the extractor, barrel, sear Don’t have to worry about what mags to buy, it’s HK or nothing.

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The only legitimate complaint concerning the was that it was large and heavy. Colt had experimented with shorter and lighter pistols prior to World War II, but it was the maturity of aluminum technology that made the Commander pistol possible. The original Colt Commander featured an aluminum frame and a barrel and slide 0. The result was among the best-balanced and fastest handling pistols ever developed. The ounce Commander kicks more than the ounce Government Model, but also carries much easier.

The Colt proves reliable with a variety of ammunition. Even better balanced than the original, this pistol is also easier to use well. Today, all Commander-marked Colt handguns are steel frame guns. The aluminum frame Colt s are marked LW Commander. I recently acquired a new model steel-frame Commander. It is an ideal carry Specifications and Features The first thing I noticed was the very nicely done blue finish—evenly applied and well polished.

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Army adopted the John Browning designed Model. Proofed in the most grueling test of any handgun prior to that point, the Colt fired over 6, rounds without a stoppage, thus proving its reliability. Once it was in the hands of the troops, the Colt did not let them down.

Colt then recommended this pistol, with its flat mainspring housing, as an updated version of their classic Included in the series were the Government models, the Commander, the Officer’s model, the Gold Cup and the Combat Elite.

Umarex manufactures and sells a Replica Colt Government pistol that is made to shoot 9mm blanks. Walther then takes that gun and works it over so that it will fire. They ship it off to Colt, via Umarex who throws it into one of their branded boxes and then sends it out to distributors. Due to the lack of recoil produced by blanks, to make a gun shoot them you have to lighten every aspect of the gun as much as possible.

In this case, they lightened the slide just enough to support the rimfire cartridges but added some heft to the handle to compensate. The end result is a gun that weighs almost the same as a normal The controls, the trigger, the safety— they all work just like a Ease to Breakdown This is an area where this gun and an authentic differ greatly. Oh sure, it starts out similarly, but once you get the slide off you see that this gun is an entirely different beast.

Then twist the bushing in the other direction and remove it. Push the slide back a bit and remove the slide lock lever. Lift the slide and move it forward then remove the guide rod.

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This was the out cry of the traditional Series 70 crowd in the early days of internet who were just in shock that Colt would mess with the classic Series 70 Govt. While lawyers were in the mix to convince these newer Series were safer , the improvements in safety were indeed better and did zero to the pistols functions. However the cry of outrage smeared the Series 80 and 90 pistols and Colt brought back the Series Okay but you see, I was alive when the Series 70 came out and all the outrage in gun magazines was at full throttle about the Series 70 being a mistake, being unreliable and a bad move by Colt.

This in the pre internet days but the smear job did not hold

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Bore has strong rifling. Compare Rare Experimental Colt This gun has an experimental hammer. This gun is one of the guns made for the US military and played a significant role in the evolution of the famed This gum is one of the All markings are clear. Gun works perfectly and locks up tight Frame made in Original blue remains on the barrel. Case colors are excellent. This is one of the U. This contract was for guns, but they do not pop up very often.

Most of these were World War I Issue Colt.

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