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The following hardware was used for the complete throttle assembly from the pedal to the engine: Gas Pedal The go kart throttle pedal also known as a gas pedal is the one on the right of the picture with its associated return spring and hardware used to mount it to the go kart frame. Looking at the gas pedal, you will notice there are four small holes on the lower portion of the pedal. It is a relatively straightforward process to weld up the pedal stops. Just like the brake pedal stops that we created, you will do the same thing for the throttle pedal. This will limit the travel of the throttle pedal so your cable will not stretch out if you push on the gas too much, nor will it allow the pedal to hit the tie rods as you step on the gas. Weld the throttle cable tab on about a 45 degree angle on the center beam of the kart. When the cable is bolted to this bracket or tab, it should face where the eyelet will hook up to the pedal. One can eyeball where to weld it after it has been tacked into place, then use a hammer and pliers to position it just right.

How does a small engine governor work?

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This page has a few possibilities for your throttle linkage setup. The first series of pictures shows the installation of our throttle link ?q=throttle+linkage.

Remove front fenders, then gas tank, and airbox assembly. This gives you access to the top of the motor and the throttle cable. At this time remove the stock thumb throttle and disconnect the wiring from the throttle. With that disconnected you can now remove it since you will not need it. With the thumb throttle assembly off and throttle cable removed from the thumb throttle assembly you can move on to the gas line. Using a pair of pliers, slide back the retain and pull off carb.

At this time you can loosen the clamp on the motor side. The throttle cable does not need to be disconnected from the carb. The R carb has a choke lever directly on the carb, just like the EX’s do. Located on top of the carb is a black plunger. That is where the hot start for the R connects. This is not needed and that plunger will need to be trimmed down in order to clear the top motor mount.

Predator 212cc

Test the primer assembly. Fuel only flows one way through primer assemblies. So, the first step in determining the overall fuel line routing in this type of carburetor is to determine which are the input and output sides of the primer. Attach fuel lines to the primer assembly, submerge both lines in some 2-cycle fuel, and prime the bulb. Bubbles will emerge from the fuel line attached to the outgoing side of the primer–the return line–meaning that fuel is being pulled through the line that is not producing bubbles.

The line not producing bubbles is the one that must be attached to the carburetor, since fuel must be pulled through the carburetor and into the primer bulb.

 · The pressure in the carburetor body is lower than the pressure in the float bowl due to the venturi effect, and the fuel is pushed up through the pilot jet where it mixes with air and enters the intake tract on the motor to be

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how do you adjust Carburetor on a polaris predator 500. The

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 · Re: cc predator choke I just did a Predator swap in my Ezgo workhorse and having same problem. Using factory muffler and air filter but can’t seem to get it adjusted to where I don’t need to choke every /

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Carb adjustments for a 2005 polaris predator 50

I love the carb but there always seemed to have a idle problem. I tried many different pilot jet sizes and seemed to have a way smaller one then most of you. When I got my back from rebuild last month It just didn’t seem as fast as it once did and after taking my modded motor out of the frame set up,the got way faster. I put the motor in a stock frame with stock carb,stck fuel pump ,stock cdi,and the pp polaris pipe.

Polaris ATV carb rebuild and repair kits. We list multiple part numbers when various kits are available. Click on the kit to see photo of what parts are ://

Attachment My cable enters at D and connects to E. The tiny, almost-useless existing throttle spring at F gets help from the new spring from the HRM kit, going from the kit’s L-bracket at A to the tab at F. But that puts a LOT of stretch in the spring, and when operating the throttle, the two throttle return springs interfere with each other and go ping-ping-ping! I didn’t want to remove the original throttle return spring–if the new one breaks, the old one will be there to do something.

Finally, because of the welded-on nuts under the cable brackets, the existing L-bracket plus adjustable cable retainer in the HRM kit won’t bolt on as designed. Instead of the bolt included with the kit, you can use the existing engine screw from the cable retainer, together with a washer on the kit’s L-bracket, but if you try to position it at D , it will interfere with the air cleaner.

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Between the tank and carburetor How to Check Small Engine Fuel Pumps On a normally operating fuel pump, there should be no gasoline present external of the pump or in the pulse line. If there is fuel present in these locations, or if the pump is simply providing fuel to the engine, then follow the steps below to inspect and replace the pump. Turn off the fuel valve if equipped at the base of the tank where the fuel line is attached.

If there is no fuel valve, stop the flow of gas using a fuel line clamp. Loosen the mounting screws and remove the pump from the mounting bracket or carburetor.

Setup Installation Instructions If you find any errors, or would like to add in any way please let me know, thanks! This is a basic throttle kit for the Predator ://

The innerwire length is shown above. Eyelet on one end, straight wire on the other. Make sure the throttle pedal is against the rear pedal stop 3. Pull the throttle cable housing toward the rear of the kart until you feel resistance. DO NOT pull the throttle cable housing any further. Hold the cable housing in this position and screw the front jam nut 2 against the frame.

Pulling the housing past the first point of resistance will engage the engine throttle while the throttle pedal is in the idle position. Upon starting the engine, the vehicle may accelerate. Screw the rear jam nut 1 against the frame. Tighten the front jam nut 2 securely. Make sure the engine throttle linkage is in the idle position and the throttle pedal is against the rear stop.

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The Customer Question gas seems to be under The gas seems to be under pressure going to the carburetor. It a continues flow out of the over flow tube. Kinked the tube to stop the gas flow and gas is in the crank now. Oil is over flowing into the airbox.

 · Newbie here–I have a ’00 HO that has a gas leak coming from the carb bowl drain screw. I’ve tightened it up, taken it out and retightened w/no ://

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How to put a carbarator on an Polaris predator 500 #beast